Meet The Team

We are El Árbol (The Tree)… but really? are we tree huggers? nice hippies going around barefoot telling people to go green?✌️ – not quite.


Not us.

We do enjoy walking barefoot and hugging trees, don’t take us wrong. But principally, we are pretty sure we have one of the most amazing and rewarding jobs in the world. If you don’t believe us here you have some Árbol facts:

  • We are based in the south of Chile (we’re really sorry if your reading this from Santiago).
  • We have a lot of girl power.
  • We drive a nice van called El Coihue móvil.
  • We don’t have to dress up to go to the office.
  • Actually, we spend a lot of time out of the office.
  • We work with local communities so we get to know a lot of beautiful places and nice people.
  • Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and hopeless, but that also gives us strength to continue with our mission.
  • We work hard and we believe that we made the right choice.
  • We think we can help inspire others to make the changes needed to become a more sustainable and equal society.

What to know more? come over and let’s talk over coffee or tea! ☕️ 🙃

The Team


María José García – Executive Director

Maud Biggs – Education Manager

Camila Aguilera – Communications

Daniela Concha– Project Manager